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"I have worked with many medical writers and without hesitation I can say that Emily is one of the best. She has expertise in a wide range of therapeutic areas and is able to synthesize very complex clinical data. You can also count on Emily to produce high quality deliverables under tight deadlines. She able to work independently with very little oversight and is a valuable team player. She is reliable, intelligent, and a pleasure to work with. Her passion for science and medicine makes her truly engaged in each project. I very much look forward to working with her again."

Stefani Kronk
Senior Vice President, Medical Education at H4B Chelsea


"I have known and worked with Emily off and on in multiple settings for about 15 years. She is my absolute first choice for medical writing and direction freelance support. The quality of her work is outstanding: insight-driven, detail-oriented, and efficiently executed. Moreover, she loves what she does, which for clients translates into rapid mastery of new topics and a commitment to partnership and meeting their needs. She brings a thoughtful professionalism to the table, has a great sense of humor, and is just a delight to work with."

Julianne Dunphy, PhD
Global Director, Medical Strategy at Evoke Mind + Matter

"Emily is an experienced, talented medical writer with a keen logical mind. She meticulously attends to detail in order to provide scientific materials that accurately interpret data and describe drug products with the flawless flow of an expert in her field. Emily has an enviable fast-paced work ethic, and is able to incorporate her advanced medical/scientific knowledge with a well-honed writing style to deliver a superior product. She is an excellent communicator, works incredibly well independently and with her peers, and would be an asset to any organization or project. As someone who has worked with Emily and more recently, has contracted her to complete complex medical communications projects, I can personally attest to her skills and abilities. I offer my strongest recommendation in support of Emily as a scientist and writer."

Dawn Taggett
Medical Content Strategist - Writer


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